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  • 1. Adamas beach
  • 2. Pollonia beach
  • 3. Firopotamos
  • 4. Provatas
  • 5. Firiplaka
  • 6. Kleftiko
  • 7. Tsigrado
  • 8. Sarakiniko
  • 1. Plaka

    Plaka is one of the most beautiful and authentic capitals of Cyclades. It squats on a 220 meter mound, at the north western part of the island. It lies 12 km away from Pollonia. It is the epicenter of the cultural, financial and night life of the island. You can enjoy food and drink along with night life, as well as a range of shopping suggestions. All useful state services are here along with banks, while the archaeological and folkloric museums of the island are also situated in Plaka. The settlement has cobbled stoned narrow streets, small graphic shops, restaurants and cafes with sweeping views to the gulf of Milos. Cars are forbidden in Plaka. At the highest point of the settlement, the imposing castle dominates. There lies the temple of the Assumption of Mary (Mesa Panagia). There are even more unique religious monuments in Plaka, like the church of Ypapanti of Christ and Panagia Thalassitra. The latter is built in a black rock. From Panagia Korfiatissa, the metropolis of the island, you will admire one of the most amazing sunsets you have ever enjoyed.

  • 2. Thiorihia (the Sulfur Mines)

    They squat at the eastern part of Milos in Paliorema. At a beach with crystal clear waters and yellowish pebbles, colored by sulfur, there operated in the past, the sulfur mines of Victor Melas, the oldest enterprise of sulfur export in Greece. It is a very interesting excursion, in order to see the geological sightseeing of the island, the wagons, the tracks and the tools and apparatus of the mine, as well as swim in the clear blue sea of the area with the colorful pebbles and the beautiful sand.

  • 3. The Ancient Roman Theatre

    It was constructed during the Hellenistic years (3rd century B.C.) in the ancient city Klima. It was destroyed – as Milos was – by the Athenians but was restored and extended by the Romans to reach a capacity of 7,000 spectators while for its restoration, white marble from Paros was extensively used.

  • 4. The Ancient City Klima

    It was the first port and the second big city of the island, after the decline and destruction of Filakopi and it was built by the Dorians. Today, you can visit its two citadels, the remnants of the wall, the ancient market, the theatre but also the exact spot where the world famous Venus de Milo was found.

  • 5. The Ancient City Filakopi

    It was the most important city of the Cycladic civilization during the prehistoric era and was rapidly developed thanks to the trade of the precious obsidian. It is situated at the northern part of the island, on the way towards Pollonia, near Vilos Suites.

  • 6. The catacombs

    The unique in Greece catacombs of Milos, were a place of assembly and worship, towards the end of the 2nd century A.D., for the first chased Christians. A cemetery also existed inside the catacombs. They squat near the village Tripiti and they are different in platitude and height, while their length reaches 185 meters. Inside the caves there are 126 carved arched tombs (arkosolia).

  • 7. Adamas

    Adamas is the first representative picture the visitor gets about Milos. It lies in a 10 km distance from Vilos Suites. The residents of Adamas are 1.100 and the settlement dates back to 1824. It is referred that it was founded by inhabitants of Sfakia, who had to flee Crete, after an unsuccessful revolution against the Turks. The main port of the island is situated in one of the biggest and safest natural gulfs of the Mediterranean and – especially during summer time-life pulses through it, since all ferry schedules and everyday sea excursions start from this particular place. Adamas avails an organized marina, two organized beaches (Lagadas and Papikinou) and the one of a kind organized hot spring on Milos. The Mineral Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum lying at the church of Agia Triada are well worth visiting.

  • 1. Fani Dream Suite

The luxurious Vilos Suites on Milos sit in the north eastern part of the island and most particularly in the picturesque beachside village Pollonia. The guesthouse lies at a 10 km distance from Adamas and a 12 km distance from the airport of the island. The excellent facilities of our newly built guesthouse and the one of a king hospitality offered, create an oasis of relaxation and an ideal starting point to get to know the beautiful island of Milos, which is world famous for its unique beaches along with its historical and natural sights. The sandy beach of Pollonia with its crystal clear waters and the beach at the foot of the guesthouse, both beckon you to relish the sunny days and the pristine beaches with no need to use a car for visiting other destinations on the island. In the settlement, prepare yourself for sunset drinks in elegant cafes, beachfront little taverns with exquisite cuisine and lengthy seaside dinners and night life in inviting, beautiful bars.

Villos Suites is the ideal choice for vacations on Milos, as it not only a modern guesthouse that offers a wide range of amenities, but it also has immediate and easy access to all the beaches and sights of Milos.