Exploring Milos

The luxurious Vilos Suites on Milos sit in the north eastern part of the island and most particularly in the picturesque beachside village Pollonia. The guesthouse lies at a 10 km distance from Adamas and a 12 km distance from the airport of the island. The excellent facilities of our newly built guesthouse and the one of a king hospitality offered, create an oasis of relaxation and an ideal starting point to get to know the beautiful island of Milos, which is world famous for its unique beaches along with its historical and natural sights.

The sandy beach of Pollonia with its crystal clear waters and the beach at the foot of the guesthouse, both beckon you to relish the sunny days and the pristine beaches with no need to use a car for visiting other destinations on the island. In the settlement, prepare yourself for sunset drinks in elegant cafes, beachfront little taverns with exquisite cuisine and lengthy seaside dinners and night life in inviting, beautiful bars.

Villos Suites is the ideal choice for vacations on Milos, as it not only a modern guesthouse that offers a wide range of amenities, but it also has immediate and easy access to all the beaches and sights of Milos.

a high angle view of a town